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Snowboard Wax Table DIY

Well there isn't any snow in the local mountains in Southern California.But it's coming...so time to take your boards off your T-Rax tune them up.If you want to spend cash take it the shop and be done. There are a ton of videos online about tuning your boards and it's pretty easy and hard to mess [...]

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Surf Video To Video Yourself Surfing Or Not

To video or not to video, that is the question. Videoing yourself surfing is only for the brave.          So you're hot surfer. You rip the tops off waves and carve huge gauging cutbacks. And your best surf buddy got a video camera for his birthday. What could go wrong it's all good. [...]

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Winter Surf is Coming!

Winter surf is coming!! Possible slight El Nino system brewing.Check your surfboard leashes and string. Clean that old slippery melted wax off your guns.Wouldn't hurt if you could swim and hold your breath. Pull down your winter boards off your T-Rax dust them offand get ready....hopefully we'll get some quality days here in the L.A. [...]

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SUP Racks Surfboard Shed

Thanks so much for the great racks.They are superb!!Gregg

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Surfer Billy Kemper takes the Big Wave Championship

Congrats to Billy Kemper Big Wave Champion!  Kemper has paid his dues in big waves for sure. His solid big wave skills have paid off and now he can call himself a World Champ. If you haven't seen what Kemper is doing in giant surf, do a Google or YouTube search, he will blow you [...]

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John John Florence World Champ

John John Florence claims the title of world champion surfer.Florence flat out rips and looks unstoppable for years to come. He has a huge advantage closing out the season in Hawaii at Pipeline, his home break.John John kills it with his aerial assault in smaller surf and his relentless charging in heavy Hawaiian surf.Also is Kelly [...]

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Surfer Dies At Our Local Beach

SURF FORECAST -  By SwellMagnet.com thanks Mike and some words by Tom T-RaxSurfThe Weekend Warrior Update___________________________________________________________________On a sad note a surfer died at El Porto on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently he was at a novice skill level yet somehow made it out into the OH to DOH surf, broke his leash and was rescued by an [...]

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Bruce Brown 1937-2017

We lost legend, Bruce Brown creator of The Endless Summer probably the greatest surf film ever made.If you haven't seen it you need to watch it. Even though the surfers are riding longboards back in the 60's.The film still holds up and is a classic surf adventure. Endless Summer wasn't Bruce Brown's first movie. His [...]

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Tyler Wright WSL Champion

It was a super tight race for the women's WSL title. Stephanie Gilmore made a late charge at the title and Sally Fitzgibbons come up short ...again. Dang, what's it going to take to get Fitzgibbons over the hump and get this girl a championship? All said and done the ladies were ripping the waves [...]

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Sally Fitzgibbons Title Shot Over

Just like that Fitzgibbons is out in shocking fashion. She can't get a break. In epic surf she goes down at the Maui Women's Pro event. Tyler Wright is killing it and  takes control in the title race.Men's and women's surf  events are back on today. Men's race for the title is looking close. The [...]

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