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Go Surfing and Keep a Safe Distance , No Dropping In ! And wash your hands!!

Well crazy days! Perfect snow, no school and the mountains are closed. So so weak!The only thing left to do is skateboard and go surfing. Stay safe. This Virus thing is wack.!!Young healthy active people will proprobly be fine. But it's your parents and grandparents you have to keep safe.If you catch the virus you'll beat [...]

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Summer in So Cal and a product review testimonial on the Longboard Surf Rack

Well summer heat finally got here.  A little late. Typical June July surf in the South Bay. Small and junky.But the weather is nice. We're gearing up to build a few new models for SUPs, stand up paddle boards racks and will start testing them next month. Also our snowboard ceiling racks are going to [...]

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June Gloom in Southern California and Another Stoked Surf Shop in San Diego

June rain in So Ca and snow in Mammoth .Mammoth got like over 50 feet of snow this year. White water rafting is going to be all time this summer!Our lakes are way up, so great wakeboarding conditions this summer.Now all we need is some quality surf and sunshine.From Bryan at Bird's Surf Shed a San [...]

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Happy Surfers and Stand Up Paddle Boarders

Hi T, Excellent design and durability. Very pleased with my set up. Set at 50in for short and longboard combo, works great.Thanks, Jose   (vertical 4 board surfboard rack)Hi Tom,Had this together on Tuesday. Took a pic for you Weds. Easy to put together!Anyway – holds four 10.5 – 12.5” boards (my 9 year olds [...]

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The Meaning of Memorial Day

I'm sure most everyone knows this, but it is always good to remember those who served our country and died for our freedom. Veterans Day is to honor all for their military service. Memorial Day is to honor those who lost their lives in military service. Serving our country and fighting for our freedom. It's [...]

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Fresh Snow! Never ending winter at Mammoth Mountain.

Spring or is it summer time snowboarding at Mammoth mountain. They just got another 8 to 10" of fresh snow! Is this winter ever going to end? Crazy. Get you some! And we have some springtime north swell coming mixed with some healthy south swell.So our beach breaks should be working, actually should be good everywhere, so [...]

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Snowboarding until July at Mammoth Mountain!!

Mammoth just got another  couple of inches of snow!!!With the surf being dismal around the South Bay might be time for a last run to Mammoth and some spring snowboarding!Surf might pickup . There is some south swell coming but mostly missing the South Bay. Everyone should go to Malibu and join the other 9000 [...]

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Spring Snowboarding Snow Summit in Big Bear is still open!

Spring boarding anyone? Big Bear is still open. Don't know for how long it's getting pretty warm up there.Mountain High is closed for the season. I'm not sure but Mammoth Mountain might be open all year.Surf  is going to bump up a little this afternoon and tomorrow. Weather is good, might get a little rain [...]

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Spring is here! Warm weather surfing and sunshine heading our way.

We have a little more rain coming in Southern California.Snow is still epic and all time! Probably going to able to snowboard until June at Mammoth Mountain.Local mountains are the best ever. Big Bear and Mountain High are perfect conditions.Surf has  been a little blown out , well a lot blown out later. Today surf [...]

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Butterflies heading north on the 405 fwy

Spring is in the air and it finally stopped raining in Southern California and the sun actually came out.Tons of butterflies migrating north from Mexico on the 405 fwy, sort of, right next to the 405 San Diego fwy.Heading north to Northern California and Oregon, pretty rad never saw it before.Snow is all time epic! [...]

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