Horizontal Surfboard Rack

T-Rax surfboard storage rack is built T-Rax Tough.
T-Rax number 1 priority is keeping your surfboards safe and secure in our wall racks.
Spacing between rods is about 8" center to center.
T-Rax surf rack wall mount plate comes in 5 colors.
If mounting the surfboard rack close to the ceiling you need to allow room for the top surfboard.
T-Rax are made of solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum.
No hollow plastic or wooden parts used in the construction of T-Rax.
T-Rax only uses the highest quality materials, period!
T-Rax surfboard racks will not rust, rot, splinter or corrode.
Our surfboard racks are extremely durable and will not fatigue or sag.
Heavy duty stainless steel mounting hardware is included with all T-Rax orders.
The surfboard support rods are 18" long and covered with high quality UV rated foam padding.
The H002 series are designed for shortboards or funboards but are extremely strong and can easily handle longboards.
Choose between Straight or Angled Surfboard Racks.
The straight surfboard rack has bars that hold the surfboard at a perfect 90 degrees angle from the wall.
With straight support bars you can mount closer to the ceiling.
The angled version is 15.00 additional labor charge.
The angled surfboard wall rack has support bars that angle up at a 15 degree angle.

Available in 5 Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Brown & White.
White has a $10.00 extra priming charge.

T-Rax surf rack also work great for snow skis, water skis, windsurf boards and kite boards.

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