About T-Rax

The owner of T-Rax Surf Racks grew up surfing Southern California and Mexico.

Quality Board Racks Since 1997!

T-Rax are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

T-Rax has more satisfied and repeat customers for over 25 years.

                              Board storage done right !

Surfboards, SUPs, Paddleboards, Longboards, Snowboards, Skateboards,
Wind Surfboards, Wakeboards, Wake Surfboards and 

                              T-Rax is about Premium Quality and Durability.

At T-Rax our number one priority and only mission statement is to surf forever and make the best board racks we can.

 Now to the story of T-Rax...It all started when a baby girl was born.

Well this baby girl needed a place to sleep...you guessed it, right where my quiver was stored in (her bedroom) my man cave. So my surfboard quiver had to be moved to the garage. Being an aerospace machinist, it was only natural to build a beautifully CNC machined precision surfboard rack using space age materials and such. That's not exactly what happened first. There was some kooking out involving wood before the first quality surfboard rack was built.

T-Rax are the best surfboard racks you'll ever buy. If you're going to buy a rack you might as well buy the best available. 
We back up all our products with a lifetime guarantee.

The difference between us and every other websites selling surfboard racks, snowboard racks and surf gear.
Is that I started with building a quality rack first because I needed a high quality rack for my boards and there wasn't one available.

I wasn't some slick website builder who build a website and then added a bunch of racks and surf gear that someone else makes. It's called an affiliate website and some dude who may or not surf or snowboard builds a cool site throws a bunch of crap on there he doesn't know anything about gets buyers to click on it and then someone somewhere else ships you out a rack he never saw and didn't make.

    I don't really know much about how to build a website, but I do know how to make a darn good rack.
I built the first racks for my own boards with no intention of selling them to anyone. Then a couple of my friends saw them and one thing
lead to another. And here we are over 25 years later.  I still have one of the original racks up in my garage. It's probably on the website somewhere, not sure where because I still suck at building websites.
But I don't suck at building the best and strongest board racks.
Call us, we actually answer the phone, unless it's night time and I'm asleep or the surf is pumping.
I'm actually still in the factory everyday building racks. If we don't answer, shoot me an email and I'll get back quickly as possible. 

Surfboards, SUPs, longboards and snowboards are getting super expensive. You want a high quality wall rack holding your quiver safe and secure.
You'll sleep better knowing your boards are safe in a high quality T-Rax surf rack.

Yes T-Rax has snowboard and wakeboard racking systems covered too. We have board racks specifically designed to hold snowboards as well as wakeboards. And we didn't forget that it all comes back to skateboarding. We have a line of skateboard wall mounted racks as well.

T-Rax has racks for all board riding sports including the largest SUPs.

T-Rax commitment to excellent has made us the first name in quality racks for over 25 years.

100% made in the U.S.A. in Southern California by guys who grew up surfing, skateboarding and riding all types of boards.

Back in 1997 T-Rax was created to supply the surfer with Wall Mount Surfboard Racks that hold up to the salt air that all us surfers live in. Wood racks don't hold up to the elements. If wood was any good they make cars out of it. Wooden racks within a short amount of time you will see them splinter, rot.  Plastic surf racks harden and get brittle over time and your boards end up damaged on the ground. What T-Rax is all about is supplying the consumer with a metal surfboard rack that is strong and last a lifetime. That's why they come with a lifetime guarantee. T-Rax surfboard racks are virtually bulletproof! Solid 6061 T6 aluminum construction. Guaranteed not rust, rot, splinter or corrode. These are the last and best surfboard racks you'll ever buy. We have racks for surfboards, heavy classic longboards and stand up paddle boards.

T-Rax are the official surfboard rack of the Triple Crown of Surfing and Hawaiian Surfing Promotions. It's the surf rack used by more shapers and  surfers, snowboarders and surfing legends world wide.

Seen on the reality series Boarding House, North Shore. Our surfboard racks have also been seen in the movie, Blue Crush. On the television series Law and Order and used at all Triple Crown of surfing events for over 25 years. 

The owner of T-Rax grew up in Venice, California during the Dog Town Zephyr era.
Surfing with skateboarding with legends like Stacey Peralta, Tony Alva, Nathan Pratt and the rest of the Dog Town crew.
Skating and surfing is in our blood.

T-Rax are 100% made in the U.S.A. and always will be. Still located in So Cal.

All T-Rax surfboard racks, SUP, snowboard racks, wakeboard, skateboard, wetsuit, ski and wake surfboard racks come with a 30 day money back guarantee. I'm sure you'll be stoked with our board racks. 

Hey RC pilots, our snowboard and skateboard racks are perfect for storing RC airplane wings. Who knew?

Made by surfers for surfers and board riders worldwide.




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