Posted by T-Rax Tom on 23rd Oct 2023

Surfing Tip Pop up Hack for Booties

Winter is here and it's time to get your booties on.A couple of hacks I use for winter time booties to help keep you from tripping on your front foot. Number one I find the bootie with the least …

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Posted by T-Rax Tom on 14th Sep 2023

Winter is coming!!! And El Nino is predicted!!

Winter is coming with an El Nino prediction. Hope you all been training and not just laying around eating barbequeall summer.  Check your leashes and leash strings. Fix those dings. And star …

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Posted by T-Rax Tom on 17th Jun 2023

Surf Rack Review from Glenn

I’ve tried a few other brands and these are by far the best. I recently tore down some old store bought racks made from wood and they hadn’t lasted long. I have two sets of horizontal and this most re …

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Posted by T-Rax Tom on 25th May 2023

Where is Summer??? And California Sunshine.

Where is summer? It's Memorial Day weekend this weekend and we're wearing full winter gear and clothes.What happened to California sunshine? The surf is flat and onshore...which is fairly normal for t …

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