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Snowboard Ceiling Racks

Well by popular demand and people asking us to do it. We are making a version of our surf and SUP ceiling racks for snowboards. They should be up and on the T-Rax website soon.There is still plenty of local snow and Mammoth is going off big time.I'll keep you posted when the pics of [...]

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Surf is Up and Snow is Great in California

Surf's Up!!! Yesterday was really good day with a evening semi glass off. Lots of corners and lots of close outs...lol.You had to be picky but there were plenty of good waves to be had. We still have surf on tap with a little drop mid week.Grab your board off the racks and get some [...]

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T-Rax says Get to the Mountains - Best Snow in years!

Grab your board off your T-Rax rack and get to the snow before it melts.All local mountains are going off!!!! Mammoth is all time!!! But you don't even have to drive that far local mountains Big Bear , Mountain High have fresh powder and deep pack of new snow. With all the blown out giant wind chop [...]

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Snowing in California and Swell coming too!

Get your snowboard out of your T-Rax snowboard rack and get to the mountains.Snow is going off!  Local mountains have fresh powder and Mammoth is gonna be all time!And we have some waves on tap if you can handle a little dirty water surfing.Grab your board off the rack and get you some. T-Rax surfboard rack [...]

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T-Rax Snowboard Rack Organizes - Before and After Pics

T-Rax Six Board Snowboard Rack in Action.T-Rax Six Board Angled Snowboard Rack. T-Rax organizing the world one garage at a time.High quality surfboard racks and snowboard racks for your quiver. Oh yeah SUP and Paddleboard racks too and skateboard racks and wakeboard racks  and wake surfboard racks and wetsuits racks. If my guitar collection gets big enough might [...]

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T-Rax 6 Board Surf Rack at 50 South Surf Shop NC

The standard, and slightly customized , angled 6 board surf rack with 23"  longboard rods  adapted.Rocky at 50 South Surf Shop in NC asked if we could make the 6 board standard surf rack work for longboards.Now 6 board rack your handle a longboard but it's really designed for shortboards and funboards because of fin [...]

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Perfect Conditions but Surf is Flat in Los Angeles

No surf and no snow.All  boards are stored in racks waiting for some surf or snow.After the 1st of the year T-Rax is eliminating the Brown racks.Unless we get a bunch of emails saying don't do it.You will still be able to get the brown racks but will be a custom order.Pray for surf and [...]

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Gattis Family Surfboards All Racked by T-Rax

Gattis family surfboards all lined on the wall surf shop style waiting for the next swell. This is the third set of T-Rax they have installed at their home. Looks like there is room for a 3 or 4 board  horizontal surf rack above those shortboards. The horizontal surf rack is a good option for storing boards above [...]

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It's Veterans Day. Give thanks ! Hug a Vet.

It's Veterans Day. You might not be here without these brave people's dedication to America.T-Rax gives thanks to the men and women who got our backs.The original Veterans Day happened because of a treaty signed on the 11th day at the 11 hour of the 11 month.It was called the Treaty of Versilles. In 1919 [...]

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Congratulations John John Florence! World Champion!

John John World Champion.John John kills it . Great accomplishment !

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