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Laird Hamilton Movie Take Every Wave

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Well it was better than I thought it would be. Most of the surf footage you've probably seen. Half the movie was super grainy out of focus old surf footage from back in the day of surf videos. One cool thing was a short clip of Greg Noll walking up the beach after swimming in. Always cool to see Noll when he surfed. The Take Every Wave story was good, if you don't already know more than you want to about Laird. There was some info about him and his family I didn't know.  It was great to see big waves on the big screen, the waves that were in focus anyway. It seemed like they ran a lot of the old surf footage over and over of Hamilton surfing the same wave. One thing for sure Laird is committed to what he does. We all got to step our fitness game, the dude is way fit for an old guy.  That hydro board thing he rides looks so boring.  I think I'd rather listen to him talk (lol)  than watch him ride that thing. All in all I'd say go see it. Especially if you can get your girlfriend or wife to pay for it. Otherwise save your money for some after surf session munchies. 

On the WSL scene. The women's title race is super super tight with one surf event to go. Sally Fitzgibbons has 1700 point lead over Tyler Wright. With Courtney Conlogue and Carrisa Moore right behind too close for comfort.
And on the men's side John John Florence took the lead over Jordy Smith heading into Rip Curl Pro Portugal.
If you're not watching, you're  Missing some good surfing action.

Go Dodgers with a nice bottom of 9th inning home run by Justin Turner to win a tied 1-1 game and  go up 2 to 0 in the series.

Sally Fitzgibbons Roxy Pro France

Is this Sally Fitzgibons  championship year ? Fitzgibbons is ranked number 1 with an uncomfortable small lead over Courtney Conlogue and Tyler Wright. Fitzgibbons has come up just short too many times. We're rooting for Sally just because she's been so so close, but that being said, Courtney Conlogue was born in Santa Ana, Southern [...]

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Hurley Pro Trestles

The Hurley Pro Trestles is on hold today and the surf contest may be on hold for a while. Sat sees a little bump in swell but not much. It's looking pretty small with another bump in surf  Wednesday  and some possible onshore conditions. It's a great contest to watch so get down there (if there [...]

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Congratulations Julian Wilson Billabong Pro Tahiti

Julian Wilson wins the Billabong Pro!!!If you missed it check it out at WSL website ( WSL uses T-Rax at their SoCal headquarters...plug plug).Jordy Smith moves into the number one spot in the rankings....wut...!!!Nice job Jordy, be so sweet to see Jordy finally win a championship , hope he can finish strong.Winters coming get in [...]

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Lots of Action at Vans US Open of Surfing

It's going on in Huntington Beach at the Vans US Open of Surfing.Get down there and watch the pros up close. Watching in person is way betterthen watching videos or on the computer. You can get in the water early and maybe surf next to your favorite surfer. Lots of action going on in Huntington.    Both [...]

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Surfboard Rack by T-Rax and June Gloom

Well it's June gloom here at T-Rax Surf in So Cal .Cold ,overcast, no surf and sharks.  Surf has been bumpy andsmall and shark spottings are at all time high. Growing up inVenice there were never sharks sightings in the Santa Monica Bay.Daily shark sightings is the norm now. 32 sharks were tagged off La [...]

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Snowboard Ceiling Racks

Well by popular demand and people asking us to do it. We are making a version of our surf and SUP ceiling racks for snowboards. They should be up and on the T-Rax website soon.There is still plenty of local snow and Mammoth is going off big time.I'll keep you posted when the pics of [...]

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Surf is Up and Snow is Great in California

Surf's Up!!! Yesterday was really good day with a evening semi glass off. Lots of corners and lots of close outs...lol.You had to be picky but there were plenty of good waves to be had. We still have surf on tap with a little drop mid week.Grab your board off the racks and get some [...]

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T-Rax says Get to the Mountains - Best Snow in years!

Grab your board off your T-Rax rack and get to the snow before it melts.All local mountains are going off!!!! Mammoth is all time!!! But you don't even have to drive that far local mountains Big Bear , Mountain High have fresh powder and deep pack of new snow. With all the blown out giant wind chop [...]

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Snowing in California and Swell coming too!

Get your snowboard out of your T-Rax snowboard rack and get to the mountains.Snow is going off!  Local mountains have fresh powder and Mammoth is gonna be all time!And we have some waves on tap if you can handle a little dirty water surfing.Grab your board off the rack and get you some. T-Rax surfboard rack [...]

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