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Scott Anderson RIP

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Dang super sad news. I can't believe he's gone.
Scott made me a crap load of magic boards over years.
Our kids went to school and played together.
He lived around the corner from my mom's house. 

Scott was one of the first shapers back in 1997 to use T-Rax at his shop.
We valued his feedback.

Scott was always a good friend and great shaper. I remember him listening to me explain what I wanted my board to do. He would always have that look on his face as he listened. If you got any custom boards from him you know the look I'm talking about. A cross between, fatherly understanding, you don't what you're talking about just let me shape you a good board. He never made you feel stupid with your requests and he always made feel like your board was important to him.

Our thoughts , prayers and sincere condolences go out to Scott's wife Pam and their kids.
This is truly very sad. 

You will be missed my friend.  Rest in Peace my Brother.

Wearing is Caring - Face Mask - Hate Them or Love Them.

You'd wear a mask in your surfboard shapers shaping room to protect you from harmful dust particles.Well the covid virus is deadly invisible particles floating around, much worse than the shaping room.Mask up, the life you save could be your own.Winter swells are coming, so start your training sessions if your out of shape from [...]

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Derek Ho RIP

We lost a great waterman. Derek Ho was one of my favorite surfers growing up.He always had style whether surfing giant pipe or hanging out being a surfer. What I liked aboutDerek Ho is that always looked cool and  relaxed, at least to me. My favorite contests on all time was giant pipe against Tommy Carroll. Now that was [...]

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Mask or No Mask Confusion

Wearing a mask will help stop the spread of Covid-19.Wearing may help you from getting the virus.Masks can be worn to protect the wearer from getting infected or masks can be worn to protect others from being infected by the wearer. Protecting the wearer is a little more difficult: It requires medical-grade respirator masks, a proper [...]

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States and Beaches are Opening. Mask or No Mask.

 States and beaches, restaurants and gyms are reopening.As this is happening we have to remember to keep ourselves and others safe. So here's the question.Mask or no mask?You're healthy, fit and don't feel sick, so why do you need to wear a mask?The short answer is, so you don't spread the virus unknowingly to your family [...]

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Beaches and States Ready to Reopen

First we'd like to thank all the nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers and the scientist working on medicines and vaccines and all first responders. If I forgot anyone, please know you are included and important.Food delivery drivers, the pizza guy and girls, grocery store workers never signed up to risk their [...]

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Surfers Getting Arrested for Surfing for Closed Beach

Well they are very serious about the beaches being closed.Surfers are getting arrested for surfing and 1000 dollar tickets have been written.Malibu was empty and with fun empty waves coming through, it was too much for a few guys to handle. Now they are handling a ticket and being arrested. Some beaches are opento surf and [...]

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Health Tips During this Jacked Over Virus Crap

Here are some health tips based on watching the news 24/7 and common sense.If you know all this stuff cool - you're one step ahead of the crowd.This is not an old dude virus. This is an everybody virus. No one is safe until everyone is safe and that means the whole world and all its [...]

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We are Open and shipping

Stay healthy, avoid people, wash your hands.It's a good time to be a loner and practice your lone wolf skills.We are shipping and have racks in stock.We are in the factory and all we're doing is coming straight here and going straight home.People are in the water surfing ...even though the waves are small.As long [...]

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Go Surfing and Keep a Safe Distance , No Dropping In ! And wash your hands!!

Well crazy days! Perfect snow, no school and the mountains are closed. So so weak!The only thing left to do is skateboard and go surfing. Stay safe. This Virus thing is wack.!!Young healthy active people will proprobly be fine. But it's your parents and grandparents you have to keep safe.If you catch the virus you'll beat [...]

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