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Surfer Dies At Our Local Beach


SURF FORECAST -  By SwellMagnet.com thanks Mike and some words by Tom T-RaxSurf

The Weekend Warrior Update

On a sad note a surfer died at El Porto on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently he was at a novice skill level yet somehow made it out into the OH to DOH surf, broke his leash and was rescued by an LA County Lifegaurd. On the way to the beach they were hit by several large set waves at which point the victim lost consciousness. Attempts to revive him failed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Winter surf is no joke even for a seasoned vet. Keep an eye on your fellow surfers and be smart and safe. If you're not sure, don't paddle out and look for a more sheltered beach that is not as daunting! 

    It always worries me to see guys out on soft boards when it's pumping. Porto is a tough paddle out when it's medium size and these guys some how make it out during a lull. 
Beginners remember to always check the surf when putting your wetsuit on. It is always smart to look until you see a set. Check the surf report. If swellmagnet says it's big ...it's big. Mike is a Southern CA  local swellmagnet gives a good report size wise and sometimes too good of report condition wise. Look at other more experienced surfers if they're taking out a little longer the are waves big. Just pay attention, be aware, the ocean ain't no joke and doesn't care if you look like a cool surfer on land.
Lastly when in doubt don't paddle out. Get some coffee and watch and learn.

And one more thing ...IF YOU CAN'T SWIM DON'T GO IN!!!! Do yourself a favor become a strong swimmer!
I re-learned that in 3 foot surf when I broke my leash. I started swimming in and I almost drowned laughing because 
I was drowning in 3 foot surf 100 feet from the beach. 

To read more follow this link

For Saturday morning we'll see that NW ground swell hit full stride and kick up sets in the head high to OH zone, (with WOH waves at the best deepwater spots). The angle will remain a Westerly 285-295 degrees with 15 + second intervals. It looks like we should also see some shorter interval NW wind swell climb into the mix, (305-310 degrees), so hopefully that will break up the long, meaty, ground swell lines a little bit.

With the Westerly angle in this energy it should bend into any beach that gets a whiff of that direction. The points and reefs will be your best bet, and if I had the time, I would head down to San Diego or Baja Norte! It should be going off down there!

The tide's pretty full again: 07:36 AM 5.93 feet High Tide

2017-12-16 Sat 01:18 AM 1.94 feet Low Tide
2017-12-16 Sat 05:19 AM Moonrise
2017-12-16 Sat 06:52 AM Sunrise
2017-12-16 Sat 07:36 AM 5.93 feet High Tide
2017-12-16 Sat 02:42 PM -0.35 feet Low Tide
2017-12-16 Sat 04:03 PM Moonset
2017-12-16 Sat 04:46 PM Sunset
2017-12-16 Sat 09:04 PM 3.80 feet High Tide

The conditions look excellent again with variable winds out of the East in the 2-5 MPH until noon, (stronger below the passes and canyons), and 3-7 MPH breezes until dark. The air temp tops out at 68 degrees.

Bruce Brown 1937-2017

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Tyler Wright WSL Champion

It was a super tight race for the women's WSL title. Stephanie Gilmore made a late charge at the title and Sally Fitzgibbons come up short ...again. Dang, what's it going to take to get Fitzgibbons over the hump and get this girl a championship? All said and done the ladies were ripping the waves [...]

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Sally Fitzgibbons Title Shot Over

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Some Swell for Southern California

Surf has been flat forever here in Southern California. My surf racks are working over time and my surfboards and snowboards are collecting dust.  Swellinfo and Swellmagnet are showing a little bump up in surf Thursday afternoon.Probably going to be dark by the time the surf gets here on Thursday afternoon in So Cal with [...]

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Jaws Maui Pe'ahi Challenge winner Ian Walsh

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SUP - Paddleboard Rack

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Laird Hamilton Movie Take Every Wave

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Sally Fitzgibbons Roxy Pro France

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