Surfboard Ceiling Rack

T-Rax heavy duty surfboard ceiling racks are a beautiful solution  for surfboard, SUP and longboard storage.
Get your SUP, surfboard or longboard up and out of the way, great for your big wave gun.
Store your surfboard overhead with T-Rax premium quality surfboard ceiling mounted racks.

T-Rax overhead ceiling mounted surfboard racks are built T-Rax Tough!
Ceiling racks are made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum. Will not rust,rod ,splinter or corrode.
All heavy duty stainless steel hardware is included with ceiling surf rack orders.
Standard surfboard support rods are 20" long, as shown in this photo of the ceiling surf rack.
All ceiling mounted surfboard rack support rods are cover with high quality UV rated foam padding.
The standard LC ceiling rack from T-Rax as shown is designed for shortboard, funboards and longboards.
Longer support bars(23")are available for Longboards stored in day bags.
T-Rax surf rack is also 28" support bars are available for SUPs.
The overhead ceiling surf rack is perfect for windsurfers as well.

Great for collectors to get surfboards overhead on the ceiling utilizing wasted space. Which means you can buy more surfboards!

The Length of the 5 board rack is 25" from the ceiling down.

Custom spacing and lengths are available.

T-Rax ceiling surf rack works for surfboards, snowboards, kiteboards, wakeboards and windsurfing boards.

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