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Swell Coming to Southern California

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You didn't hear it from me ...but  the surf is going to be pumping.
Just talked to a guy in Hawaii who is a T-Rax long time customer and
he said it was huge there day before yesterday. So we are due about this evening
or tomorrow. Not sure if you're going to need to pull your big wave guns off the wall racks.
But I'm thinking there is going to be some double overhead sets at El Porto. Large wave always clears out a lot of people. So there may only be 900 guys in the water.
   Might not be a bad idea to check the leash and leash  string make sure they are not rotted or frayed.
Hopefully the swell and rain will make some sand bars here in the South Bay.  We do have some rain coming so I don't know if you should go in the water. I'm going in because I'm immune to the water having grown up here and surfing in all kinds of unknown substances. 


We should get some natural snow this week and weekend. Rain is coming and hopefully that means snow for our local mountains. I haven't talked to anyone who's been up to local mountains but the cams make it look fun.

So get in the water if your immune system is good and you're in winter surfing shape. Or get your snowboard off your wall and dust that thing off and head inland. 

T-Rax is still 100% made in the U.S.A.and the strongest wall racks available in the world with the best lifetime no questions asked guarantee. 

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