Free Standing SUP Storage Rack / Surfboard Rack

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                                Heavy Duty Freestanding 12 board longboard/SUP rolling rack.

                                           Works for all style boards. 

                         Surfboard rack on wheels is easy move around.

                    High quality wheels with brakes to lock in place.

                 These racks are very durable and can handle harsh coastal weather conditions.

                                            Easy to follow instructions.

                              High Strength Grade 8 Hardware Included.

                                                Lifetime Guarantee!!

                                          Top of the Line Quality Wheels with Brakes.

Boards are getting expensive the benefit of buying a high quality rack is you're not going to have
replace this rack a few years down the road. You can never go wrong when you buy quality the first time.

                      T-Rax are built to last and we back that up with our Lifetime  Guarantee.
Another benefit of using a high quality rack is it will keep your boards in pristine condition so they perform and
look great. And they'll have a higher resale value when you decide to sell and get a different board.

                     This model works well for Classic Longboards, Single Fin Noseriders, SUPs and shortboards.

Three different length of support bars available. So you can decide what length you need for your boards.
28 " support bars works great for all for SUP/Paddleboards, 23" for longboard, soft tops surfboards and 20" support bars for shortboards and funboards.

If using for a combination of SUPs and longboards use the 28" long bars. 

T-Rax freestanding rack frees up wall space and gives you the option of rolling the rack out of the way.
                       Available in 3 colors Black, Gray or White.
Beautiful top of the line wheels with locking brakes keep the unit in place when loading and unloading SUPs and surfboards.

                           Premium Quality UV rated foam padding.

                This model is also available as a 10 board version 5 boards per side.

                        This rack is Extremely  Heavy  Duty and is built to last.

                       T-Rax are 100% made in the U.S.A. for over 25 years!

                     Questions: Call 310-397-7664 or Contact T-Rax Surf

T-Rax Surf 
5730 Bankfield Ave
Culver City , CA 90230





  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Deb Hooker on 21st Dec 2016

    The racks are well made, and sturdy - just want we needed for our fleet of paddleboards!

  • 5
    The Racks Are Amazing!

    Posted by Micah on 9th May 2016

    The racks are amazing man, we are stoked! No other way possible to have 24 boards on the sales floor and still have them be safe, displayed, AND mobile. Awesome craftsmanship, clearly built to last... We are 100% satisfied! Thank you! Micah Sports Creel , WA