Posted by T-Rax Tom on 25th May 2023

Where is Summer??? And California Sunshine.

Where is summer? It's Memorial Day weekend this weekend and we're wearing full winter gear and clothes.
What happened to California sunshine? The surf is flat and onshore...which is fairly normal for this time of year.
But sheesh it's in the low 60s, we are supposed to be in boardshorts cruising the strand with sun block on at this
time of year. Maybe we should go snowboarding this weekend instead of the beach, lake or the River. Mammoth is staying open through July!!! They had 715" of snow this year. That's like 60 feet !! They still have a base of 16' up top and 12 feet down by the lower lodge area. Wild weather. Remember to hug a vet and send blessings and prayers to the vets who gave their lives to keep us free. Freedom ain't free, our service men and women put themselves on the line so we can complain about the weather and lack of surf and whatnot. So fly the Stars and Stripes this weekend. Put some hotdogs and burgers on the barbecue. 
May we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!!!