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Surfers Getting Arrested for Surfing for Closed Beach

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Well they are very serious about the beaches being closed.
Surfers are getting arrested for surfing and 1000 dollar tickets have been written.

Malibu was empty and with fun empty waves coming through, it was too much for a few 
guys to handle. Now they are handling a ticket and being arrested. Some beaches are open
to surf and some aren't. Save yourself a grand and don't surf in LA county.

Breeze makes 6 feet social distance not enough. Just think of the annoying kook vaping up wind and how you can smell his exhale or cigarette smoke when you're down wind.
Apparently it's the same with the virus spreading. So if you're lucky enough to be surfing, that light side shore breeze is not your friend if you're on the  downwind side.
Same if you're boarding and there's someone just in front of you. 
Same with jogging, get in a clear air path, no drafting. 

The safest place is in your house playing video games or streaming surf flicks.

In the blog before this one I posted some virus safety tips. 
Check them out and stay safe.
Laundry is a tough one. They say regular laundry just spreads germs to all the clothes.
So add bleach to your whites, who would have thought I'd be giving laundry tips, and add color bleach to 
your colors to remove germs. Lysol Sanitizing laundry soap probably is the easiest but I'm sure the shelves are
empty of anything that has sanitize on the label.

Clean your phones and don't set your phone or your keys on the counter when you're paying for stuff.

Someone posted holding your breath for 10 seconds and not coughing means you don't have the virus.
So what if can hold your breath for 2 minutes?  10 seconds or 2 minutes doesn't mean anything.
If your sick stay home. If you have a fever get tested as soon as you can.

Watch out for scammy info and don't click on anything that seems scammy.
There are criminal people pretending to be news websites that have clickable links.
Don't click them.

Stay safe and we'll all be surfing and boarding soon.





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