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Surfer Billy Kemper takes the Big Wave Championship

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Congrats to Billy Kemper Big Wave Champion!  Kemper has paid his dues in big waves for sure. His solid big wave skills have paid off and now he can call himself a World Champ. If you haven't seen what Kemper is doing in giant surf, do a Google or YouTube search, he will blow you away. 

 "White Lightning" says he is done. Surfing Legend Mick Fanning is set on retiring.  16 years on the CT, 3 World Championships.
Fanning has been killing it for forever. We hate to see him go, because he still rips and is a solid surfer! 

Finally getting some rain in So Cal, hopefully the mud will stay put and the rain will make some quality sandbars.
This winter has definetly underacheived in producing good surf here In Southern Califonia. 



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