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Surfboard Rack by T-Rax and June Gloom

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Well it's June gloom here at T-Rax Surf in So Cal .
Cold ,overcast, no surf and sharks.  Surf has been bumpy and
small and shark spottings are at all time high. Growing up in
Venice there were never sharks sightings in the Santa Monica Bay.
Daily shark sightings is the norm now. 32 sharks were tagged off La Jolla. 
Might be a good time to leave the surfboards in your racks and go to the skate park.
There is actually snowboarding still going on in Mammoth. I think the mountain is staying
until July.  
  Dawn patrolling and surfing alone is a little more stressful these days. At least with the sharks tagged
we can see where they're going. My buddy WD saw a 7 footer Sunday by 25th street in MB.

See ya in the water...

T-Rax Tom
T-Rax surfboard racks are 100% made in the U.S.A. in Southern California.



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