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Surf is Up and Snow is Great in California

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Surf's Up!!! Yesterday was really good day with a evening semi glass off. Lots of corners and lots of close outs...lol.

You had to be picky but there were plenty of good waves to be had. We still have surf on tap with a little drop mid week.

Grab your board off the racks and get some while the gettin' is good. The rain and dirty water keep a lot of people out of the water.Which is great for guys who grew up here and are immune to all disease. A dirty water never kept the rippers out of the water when the waves are goin' off. Jam some ear plugs in, don't swallow and go surfing.

Snow is all time locally and Mammoth is super sick. The snow is so good it's stupid. If you haven't gone snowboarding yet you're blowing it. Ask your mom, dad, grandma or girlfriend (sorry ladies) to give you some cash for a lift ticket and get to mountain.

T-Rax are available for all your board storage needs. We have wall racks, ceiling racks, rolling racks for surfboards, snowboard, wakeboard, wake surfboards, skateboards, SUPs, paddle boards and wetsuit racks.  We make custom board racks. 

T-Rax always are made 100% in the U.S.A.  These days boards are expensive, so it makes sense to buy the best board racks. T-Rax keep your board safe and secure which increases the resale value and also keeps your magic board pristine and ding free. 

T-Rax racking the world, get you some.



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