Posted by T-Rax Tom on 18th May 2020

States and Beaches are Opening. Mask or No Mask.

 States and beaches, restaurants and gyms are reopening.
As this is happening we have to remember to keep ourselves and others safe. 

So here's the question.

Mask or no mask?
You're healthy, fit and don't feel sick, so why do you need to wear a mask?
The short answer is, so you don't spread the virus unknowingly to your family and friends.
We all stayed inside slowing the spread of the virus. Staying inside was kind of like wearing a big mask on the whole community. All the doctors and nurses have been crushing it trying to save people. 
So now when they turn us all loose at the beaches and gym.
Do we undo all their hard work and all of our hard work of staying at home with our parents, brothers and sisters by not wearing a mask. 
When other people are wearing mask they are helping protect you from getting what they have. And when you wear a mask you are protecting them and your family and friends from you from whatever you have.

Mask suck, no doubt. Getting  all your friends and family sick would suck way worse.
Nothing has changed, no cure and no vaccine.

Wear a mask outside when you are near people. It's the right thing to do.

Keep washing your hands and your groceries.

And we can surf again at our local beaches!!  Onshore slop here today, haha, figures.

Be a hero and save lives. Wear a mask, the life you save might be your best friends.

Thanks to all the doctors and nurses and grocery store worker. You guys are super heros!