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Lots of Action at Vans US Open of Surfing


It's going on in Huntington Beach at the Vans US Open of Surfing.
Get down there and watch the pros up close. Watching in person is way better
then watching videos or on the computer. You can get in the water early and maybe surf next to your 
favorite surfer. Lots of action going on in Huntington. 
   Both WSL and Vans Headquarters in Southern California use T-Rax Surf racks to store their boards when they
get to work after surfing a morning session.

    The big wave contest in Puerto Escondido went down and it was pumping!! Watch the replay at WSL website or
check out all the highlights on GrindTV.  Congratulations to Kai Lenny for the win in dramatic fashion with a huge barrel in the closing minutes. Plus some super scary wipeouts watch them if you like seeing guys get thrashed. 

See ya in the water,




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