21st Mar 2020

Health Tips During this Jacked Over Virus Crap

Here are some health tips based on watching the news 24/7 and common sense.
If you know all this stuff cool - you're one step ahead of the crowd.

This is not an old dude virus. This is an everybody virus. 

No one is safe until everyone is safe and that means the whole world and all its people.

This is a respiratory disease so anything you can do to breath easier and better.

So no vaping or smoking.

If you ever were going to lose weight now is the time.
An extra 10 pounds means more weight on your lungs while lying down and trying to breath.

Time to get in the best shape of your life!

Stay away from your Grandma.

Take a midnight jog instead of a prime time jog.

When in doubt, don't go out. 

That is the total opposite of what I used say every morning checking the surf.
I would say, go out, it's probably better than it looks. You'll probably pick off a good wave.

Pretend like everyone has the virus and you're trying not to get it.

Don't pick your nose and flick it on your buddy. If you do, wash your hands and wash your friend.

No spitting.

Like they say an apple a day. Eat healthy foods that promote blood flow and immune system.

Wash your food and fruit, even oranges and bananas. Wash your can of Red Bull before you drink it and get wings.

Breathing exercises. Be like a pearl diver. Or a big wave surfer. Build lung capacity. Deep breathing exercises, practice holding your breath for the monster hold down surfing Jaws or Mavericks.

Don't make out with that hot chick or dude you just met. ...sorry ...but you don't know where they have been.

Wash your hands - duh - with soap and water for at least 20 seconds everytime you touch a anything sketchy and these days everything is sketchy.
Also when using the sanitizer you have to let it air dry on your hands otherwise it doesn't work. Same when your mom is wiping down countertops. She has to let the sanitizer dry on the counter so the alcohol can kill the virus.

Wipe down your groceries from the supermarket. 

Open boxes and get the stuff out and wash you hands.
All our shipping supplies are from the US and have been in our shipping area for weeks to months.
We use clean auto packed shipping materials and we use gloves in the shipping, we always have.  
Or you can let the package sit for 24 hours then rip into it like normal.

Stay strong and healthy, go for walk or run or jump rope.
Get your parents walking or riding their bikes. 
Get your pops to lose that belly. 

If I think of anything else I'll post it up.

If there are typos in here I'll correct them when I can. 

Take care of yourself and your family first.
We are stocked up on our most popular models,
as we were getting prepared for the normal spring and summer time rush. 
So it's a good time to get boards racked up and garage organized.

Thank a nurse or a doctor, the EMT dude, delivery person and the cashier at the market. Without them we'd all
be sunk. The nurses and doctors never signed on for anything like this.
The box boy, pizza guy and UPS drivers, truck drivers are stepping up and keeping the world somewhat normal. 
Be extra kind when they drop your package off, but keep at least 6 feet distance between you.
We have two RN nurses in the family and my nephew is an EMT guy.

We are here in the factory trying to make it through this and ride this thing out.

Wishing you the very best and perfect safety for your family and friends and all the people of the world.



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