Posted by T-Rax Tom on 8th May 2020

Beaches and States Ready to Reopen

First we'd like to thank all the nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers and the scientist working on medicines and vaccines and all first responders. If I forgot anyone, please know you are included and important.
Food delivery drivers, the pizza guy and girls, grocery store workers never signed up to risk their lives.
The nurses and doctors signed up to save lives never knowing they'd be risking their own.

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!! 
You are all so amazing and all of you have great courage. 
America and the world owe our lives to you.

A portion of all sales is being donated to Feeding America and St Jude"s Children Research Hospital.
We have always done this but have stepped up donations to Feeding America.
We added Meals on Wheels to help the seniors who need to be staying home or can't get to stores.

Beaches and states set to begin reopening even though the virus is still out there with cases on the rise.

What does it all mean and how do you stay safe.

Basically we've hidden under the bed for eight weeks or so hoping the virus would go away. 
We did decrease the number of cases and deaths that's for sure.
But the truth is the virus is still here and not going away anytime soon.

So we are going to have to learn to live with it and stay safe.

Nothing has changed as far as the virus is concerned.
It's still very contagious and deadly.
There is no vaccine and no cure.

So what now?

Keep doing what you've been doing to protect yourself and your family.
Living with Covid-19 is the new normal for now.
Until there is a vaccine and treatment don't let your guard down.

I repeat.
Don't let your guard down.

Wash your hands.
Wear a mask.
Keep up the social distancing.
Keep washing your fruits and vegetables.

I don't want to doom and gloom it.
I want to surf my local break and be able to hang out at the beach too.
The experts say it could take a long time for a vaccine to be available.

Stay safe, be like a hall monitor and keep your friends in line.