Posted by Tom on 20th Jan 2021

Scott Anderson RIP

Dang super sad news. I can't believe he's gone.
Scott made me a crap load of magic boards over years.
Our kids went to school and played together.
He lived around the corner from my mom's house. 

Scott was one of the first shapers back in 1997 to use T-Rax at his shop.
We valued his feedback.

Scott was always a good friend and great shaper. I remember him listening to me explain what I wanted my board to do. He would always have that look on his face as he listened. If you got any custom boards from him you know the look I'm talking about. A cross between, fatherly understanding, you don't what you're talking about just let me shape you a good board. He never made you feel stupid with your requests and he always made feel like your board was important to him.

Our thoughts , prayers and sincere condolences go out to Scott's wife Pam and their kids.
This is truly very sad. 

You will be missed my friend.  Rest in Peace my Brother.