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Snowboard Wax Table DIY

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Well there isn't any snow in the local mountains in Southern California.

But it's coming...so time to take your boards off your T-Rax tune them up.

If you want to spend cash take it the shop and be done. 

There are a ton of videos online about tuning your boards and it's pretty easy and hard to mess up.

This is about ways to hold your board.

Keyboard stand, junk that keyboard Grandma got you and use the stand to tune and wax your board.

TV dinner tray. Quit watching so much TV and take that tray and start sharpening your edges.

Two chairs back to back, primitive but cheap.

Saw horses, easy but usually a little low.

A trash can works, cover edges of the can with a towel.

Don't tell mom I said this but her iron works perfect for melting and applying wax. 

It will destroy her iron...but hey she probably doesn't like ironing clothes anyway.

So you're kind of doing her a favor.

Until it snows keep surfing and keep your boards safe and secure in the best racks in the world.

T-Rax voted number one worldwide as the best!



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