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Sally Fitzgibbons Roxy Pro France


Is this Sally Fitzgibons  championship year ? Fitzgibbons is ranked number 1 with an uncomfortable small lead over Courtney Conlogue and Tyler Wright. Fitzgibbons has come up just short too many times. We're rooting for Sally just because she's been so so close, but that being said, Courtney Conlogue was born in Santa Ana, Southern California. That's not too far from T-Rax Surf headquarters. T-Rax owner is a Southern California native, born and raised. So all said and done we gotta go with the home grown girl Conlogue.
Good luck to all and we're hoping for a smoking finals.
  The men's title race is close too, with Jordy Smith having a slight lead over John John Florence that's a tight championship race as well. Both guys are ripping...as usual. Get over to the WSL website and check out the action.

A little plug about surf racks, the WSL uses T-Rax surf racks in their headquarters in Santa Monica California.

Winters coming!  If you ain't ready you better start your winter training 'cause it's gonna be pumping this winter.

Get in the water  and get some waves.


T-Rax Tom



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