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Prayers to all in Malibu and Paradise CA

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   Our prayers go out to all of the people in CA who have been affected by the wildfires.  I thought last year was the worst ever...and this year is just crazy again. Smoke was so bad and thick at the factory last Saturday it was insane and we're  25 miles away from  Malibu.

     Growing up in Southern California fires have always been a part of fall. But these last two years are the worst I ever remember. I know everyone talks of global warming being the cause. We have always had heat waves in Sept, Oct and Nov. That's what they called it, "heat waves" before they called it global warming. It's snowing in PA and 34 degrees. Is it global warming or just California that is warm. I don't know I'm not or Al Gore or a scientist.

         All I know is the fires never were this bad and never got all the way to ocean, and not two years in a row.  As much as it sucks houses and furniture can be replaced. People can't. 

Please keep yourself and your family safe.
  We'll all keep praying here at T-Rax. 



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