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John John Florence World Champ

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John John Florence claims the title of world champion surfer.
Florence flat out rips and looks unstoppable for years to come. 
He has a huge advantage closing out the season in Hawaii at Pipeline, his home break.
John John kills it with his aerial assault in smaller surf and his relentless charging in heavy Hawaiian surf.
Also is Kelly Slater done after his broken foot resulting in his worst year ever. 
My money is on one more year, I mean who wants to go out with an injury. If he charges hard and finishes 
in the top 5, Slater should keep on surfing the tour. If he finishes out of the top 10 maybe he should bail.
But who knows the dude is a freak of nature. 
   Tyler Wright is surfing fantastic and racked up another title. Can Sally Fitzgibbons catch a break, geez she surfs hard and is surfing better than ever but comes up just short for another year. 
    At least here in California we are getting some relief with the fires out and no mud slides for now.



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