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Go Surfing and Keep a Safe Distance , No Dropping In ! And wash your hands!!


Well crazy days! Perfect snow, no school and the mountains are closed. So so weak!
The only thing left to do is skateboard and go surfing. 

Stay safe. This Virus thing is wack.!!

Young healthy active people will proprobly be fine. But it's your parents and grandparents you have to keep safe.

If you catch the virus you'll beat it...but if you don't have any symptoms and pass it to your mom or grandma. They might not  beat it. So wash the crap out of your hands and stay away from old people. 

We're open and cranking racks out the door. 

So if you do get stuck at home, get some racks up so at least you won't be tripping on your boards.

All we need now is a sweet swell and some luck to knock this thing out.

Oh yeah wash your hands!!



T-Rax Surf and crew.

PS: Stay safe and wash your hands.

T-Rax are 100% made in the U.S.A. for over 23 years !



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